Songs Inspired by Elements

Now, what about songs inspired by elements, weather and suchs like snow, rain, sunshine or the sun? Okay, let’s get the list down.

This song is beautiful. Wow, she broke into the west with this right?


One of the most beautiful voices. And this song is soo heartfelt.


Okay, personally I don’t like this song that much ( like at all ..erm) but this korean variety show got me hooked on this song’s new interpretation.

My go to sad song. Her voice and the song – purrfect and soo sad.

This is iconic, nuff said! Tengok baju2 diorang, ko mampooo! Their voices wowwww!

What a voice! And what a beautiful song!

What a sad and powerful song.

Beautiful song.

From the efabled Goblin series. I like this one.

And all of Hujan’s songs obviously!!! hahah ;d

Does the sea counts as a element …bolehlah, dari water jugaks kan!








Raisa vs Ning Baizura

The first time I heard Raisa’s voice, the latest winner to grab Anugerah Planet’s Best Female Singer in Singapore last year, was at E Wana FM station, while being interviewed by Teguh, the talented DJ and singer himself, who was announcing Carta Nusantara Top 40 which. I can’t help but compare her to Ning’s. The clarity, the romantic lilts. The strength and the beautiful soprano technics, which could only have been borne from laborious vocal trainings. That was years ago, and our own Ning was already a legend in her own right. Man, even remembered a rare gem from my school years when Ning’s Curiga was on air in the bus, SKMK, getting us from Machang to Pulai Chondong. We were a bunch of sekolah agama kids but yup, when Ning’s Curiga came up on the air wave, we were ecstatic. She was that rare talent. I really didn’t know how much she fared in Indonesia, since I thought Indonesia is known for revering songstress with great vocal techniques aka soprano-esque. If I’m not mistaken, the diva’s like Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya, Rossa, Bunga Cinta Lestari, Gita Gutawa ..all of them are basically flawless singers with great vocal techniques. Then, late to the party, to usher in the new age of Indonesian, or perhaps, the region’s, comes Raisa. OF COURSE, on home turf, she is said to be up against Isnaya herself, which the last time I heard, her voice is flawless filled with technical execution.  But if based purely on songs, I am more buoyed with Raisa’s repertoire. But I get it, look at Isnaya’s music videos, she is the Queen, right?

Okay, let’s get down to business here. Let’s see if my gut reaction is correct or not. Sometimes, just for fun, I just closed my eyes and imagined Ning was singing Raisa’s, and I think, bearing legal precautions or not, I thought Ning could perhaps execute Raisa’s songs too. I thought there were some beautiful similarities.

Okay, I know how sensitive talents are about comparison. Me too. But I am talking from a personal music appreciator. I think Ning is a legend in her own right, with her vocals, for quite some time, bar none in quality, clarity and uniqueness. Now, it seems, Indonesia has seemed to emerge with the new Ning, in her own right, Raisa is set to become, perhaps the biggest legend to date. Good luck on more great song selections and please enjoy singing always. There seems to be great innocence and beauty on her singing which makes my heart blooms every time I hear one of her songs. After listening to these songs some more,’s not really similar. Maybe nostalgically, Raisa’s voice and songs, reminded me of Ning, a songstress that made quite an impact to the local music industry and to me personally. What if, a big what if, they both do a song together?

  1. Curiga – Ning Baizura vs Apalah Erti Menunggu – Raisa
  2. Antara Mungkin dan Curiga vs Kali Kedua – Raisa
  3. Kau dan Aku – Ning Baizura vs Sang Rembulan – Raisa
  4. Pasti – Ning Baizura vs Tentang Cinta – Raisa
  5. Awan yang Terpilu – Ning Baizura vs Usai Di Sini – Raisa
  6. Gersang – Ning Baizura vs Mantan Terindah – Raisa
  7. Teguh – Ning Baizura vs Nyawa dan Harapan – Raisa
  8. Penjara Kasih – Ning Baizura vs Pemeran Utama – Raisa
  9. Antara Kita – Ning & Hedy Yunus vs Percayalah – Raisa & Afgan
  10. Cinta di akhir garisan – Ning Baizura , Dessy, Ziana & Nora vs Terjebak Nostalgia – Raisa

My favs of Raisa’s are Kali Kedua and Sang Rembulan. Ning’s will be Kata Hati and Antara Mungkin dan Curiga.



11 Flower Inspired Songs

I was listening to Andrea Bocelli’s Amapola, which, if I’m not mistaken, means poppy flowers, that made me think of songs that were inspired by flowers or at least have flower connotations.

The first song that came to mind was Seroja. Was it a band’s or Mawi’s?

Then, there’s Melati Putih by the uber vocalist from the band Kerispatih. Okay, let me just list it for you..Then, there’s the Korean drama, Boys over Flower. What’s that all about ..okay, I was sucked into watching in too last time ..shudder in disbelief! Okay, it was not bad but then, I did wonder why I did, because I have no desire to ever, like ever watch it again..I think. Here it is, the list of flower inspired songs that I can gather ( Do you know others?) :

  1. La Vie En Rose – Andrea Bocelli ft Edith Piaf
  2. A Rose is Still a Rose – Aretha Franklin
  3. Kau Seputih Melati – Sammy Simorangkir
  4. Amapola – Andrea Bocelli
  5. Seroja – Datuk Jamal Abdillah/Mawi
  6. Edelweiss – The Sound of Music
  7. Mawar Berduri – Broery Marantika
  8. Mawar Terpinggir – Francessca Peters
  9. Jashn E Bahaara – Jodhaa Akbar
  10. Chrysanthemum Terrace – Jay Chou
  11. Desert Rose – Sting


This song reminds me of my grandma.